“We need to change. My goal is to reframe the human relationship with nature; to try to shift it.”

How did I get to know Elliot? He reached out to KidHouseProduction, looking for someone to understand, appreciate, and promote his many undertakings. Ultimately, he found what he needed because his words convinced us that what he does is far from ordinary and merits more attention.

It was immediately clear that Elliot is an exceptional young adult with a big impact on humans and nature irrespective of his age. You might ask, who is Elliot Connor? He is a 17-year-old living in Sydney, Australia, though coming from a British background. …

I have always been interested in human feelings. What makes us sad, happy, angry, fearful, or content? What determines our state of mind? Why do we sometimes feel well and other times, we feel miserable? Life so clearly shows us that a variety of different factors influence people’s psychological and emotional well-being. Yet, every so often, the social environment determines our mental health. Once the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the entire world, anxiety, fear, insecurity, and loneliness quickly found their way inside many of our homes. …

I am living in the neighborhood. 20 minutes away from Boston. I am looking after my children, still very young, possessive, energetic, playful, free, and happy. I am so full of joy that I can not feel it anymore. This was when I decided to take two hours off and go to a jazz concert. I love jazz. A dark-rainbow velvet title appeals to my curiosity — “I never saw another butterfly — a musical setting of selected children’s poetry from Terezin Concentration Camp 1942- 1944.”

Maybe it is too personal, I told myself. I should keep this experience…

Laura Bandila Goldberger

Producer, journalist, founder, poet, in love with jazz and art in any form

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